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Thursday, January 21, 2016

When I attended a training course in Singapore last September, the Singaporean told me that they always have their lunch & dinner at Changi airport. I'm quite surprise to know that, because in Malaysia, we don't do that. We won't purposely drive all the way to the airport especially KLIA 2 (which is the airport shopping mall concept) just for a meal. Of course, TWO of the main reasons are the parking is very expensive and the location is quite far from town. 

Actually, there are many good restaurants in the airport, how can we enjoy the food without spending so much on the petrol and parking fee? Fear not, we can kill 2 birds with one stone. If you're traveling, why not pamper your tummy with some good food first before departing? Great suggestion ya!

Recently, I came across this newly opened restaurant at KLIA and I can't wait to pay a visit because I got attracted by the "herbs and seeds inspired" wordings, must be serving some healthy food right? 

Flight Club by Plaza Premium Group is a brand new dining concept unique to the airport environment which inspired by herbs and seeds, their dishes are created to embrace a healthy lifestyle when travelling because they firmly believe that the healthy food journey can be a rewarding one and they aim to create a culinary educational experience for the guests travelling through the airport.

  • Flight Club is operating 24 hours daily.
  • It is located at International Departure of KLIA (thus travelers who is departing from KLIA could enjoy dining here after pass through the custom).
  • Take away is available if you're in a rush. They ensure all travelers could enjoy the healthy eating habits.
  • Flight information display screen is available thus you can enjoy your meal happily.

Flight Club showcases an enticing menu of western and international cuisines, with the emphasis on the use of herbs and seeds, from rosemary to oregano, and from chia seeds to flaxseeds, creating a range of visually enticing and healthy dishes blended with natural and colourful ingredients.

Let's begin our gastronomy journey!

The Signature Juices - RM16
There are 6 types of healthy juices and you could also mix & match. Each of the juices have a unique name such as Go With The Flor, The C Booster, Charge Me Up, Happy Tum-Tum, Timeless and My Lullaby.

My favourite juices are Go with The Flow which will encouraging better circulation and The C Booster which boost our immunity with a blast of C. Each juices are well-blend with 4 to 5 types of fruits & vegetables and it taste just nice. 

Let's kickstart with the appetiser first. Currently Flight Club is offering 7 types of appetiser, from the healthy salad to the cold and warm soup. Yes, cold soup, it is an interesting dish.

Home-grown Farmer Tomatoes - RM12
An exotic combination of oriental flavours - a bird's nest of papaya salad dressed with roasted ground peanut, tamarind sauce and tossed with mint leaf.

Hydroponic Baby Cos "Caesar's Style" - RM16
The classic Caesar Salad of Parmigiano-Reggiano and smoked garlic dressing, given a twist with baby cos leaves, thinly-sliced beef bacon, radish, cherry tomato and anchovy topped with slices of slow-cooked blackened chicken breast.

Highlang Green Rainforest  - RM16
This colourful salad comes with the "Espic" tomato, parmesan chip, roasted sunflower seed and aged vinegar. This is my favourite among all the salad I've tried.

After the salad, we hop to the next appetiser - the soup. We get to try 2 soups - the hot and cold one.

6°C Fresh Cameron Highland Tomato Soup - RM12
Farm styled tomato soup, served with homemade calamansi sorbet for that additional tang. This is quite interesting and creative dishes which stimulated our taste buds.

Traditional Roasted Pumpkin Soup - RM12
Cream of roasted pumpkin, scented with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, garnished with roasted almod flakes and bullet cream.

East Meets West - RM16
Creamy avocado in a cheesy mornay sauce and smoked chicken ham, topped with fresh coconut milk and mixed herbs croutons.

x x x x x x x

For the main course, there are 5 categories:
(i) From the Cattle Field
(ii) From the Ocean
(iii) The Italian Connection
(iv) Homely Classics
(v) From the Local Connection

You will definitely be spolit for choice.

Traditional Shepherd's Pic - RM33
Minced lamb stew, slow-cooked in tomato concasse infused with thyme and basil, with a golden crust of gratin mashed potato. Simply delicious...I'm sure kids will enjoy it very much too because I do. *grin*

1824 Beef Cheek - RM42
Braised in beef jus with mirepoix and bouquet garni, (a combination of aromatic vegetables and herbs to lightly flavour the stock) and served with couscous grain, buttered-verly Cameron Highlands vegetables and miso gravy.

The Englishman’s Fish & Chips - RM26
River fish fillet coated with multigrain seed batter, served with a classic apple cider vinaigrette and tartar sauce.

Squid Ink Pasta - RM25
Artisan homemade fresh pasta coloured and flavoured with squid ink, cooked with squid, tomato julienne, cilantro and virgin olive oil.

Angel Hair Aglio-Olio - RM28
Sautéed “Sepatang” dried shrimp, smoked garlic, scallion, bird’s eye chili and topped with grilled river fish fillet.

Pot Roast  - RM39
Australian Black Angus beef brisket, oven braised to perfection with garlic butter-glazed jersey potatoes, Cameron Highlands vegetables, served with equally fresh hydroponic green salad.

Chicken Koay Teow Soup - RM23
Ipoh flat rice noodle in a smooth and flavourful broth, topped with shredded steamed chicken, coriander, scallion and bean sprout.

Singapore Curry Noodle - RM23
Yellow noodle with fish cake, fried bean curd and bean sprout in a coconut-based curry laksa broth.

Nasi Lemak - RM23
How could we miss this? The must-have local food especially to traveler from other country.
An all-time local delight of coconut flavoured rice served with fragrant sambal ikan bilis (a spicy chilli paste, sautéed with onion, garlic, prawn paste and dried anchovy), crispy chicken drumettes, roasted salted peanut, boiled egg, pickled salad and cucumber..

x x x x x x x

Seriously, we were well fed with all these delectable dishes and we actually ended this scrumptious lunch with yummylicious dessert to fix our sweet tooth. #tamjiak

Double Valrhona Chocolate Lava Cake - RM15
A moist, velvety-smooth chocolate cake with a heart  of melted warm chocolate, accompanied with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream (preparation time: 15 minutes – kindly order in advance).

Look at the melting chocolate... so sinful, yet so delicious!!!

Beetroot Ice Cream with Cheese Cake - RM15
Served with soft and creamy Hanjuku cheese cake, fresh berries, drizzled with strawberry sauce.

This combination is so perfect!!! I enjoyed the beetroot ice cream so much but some of my friend couldn't take it, they simply dislike the taste. Well, it is a ice-cream with the healthy ingredient (beetroot), and thus, some might say healthy food doesn't taste good. lol. To me, it is a great combination ever!! Don't you think the price is quite affordable too? Normally, cafe will charge RM10 just for a slice of cake, without ice cream, without the nuts and blueberries. *grin*

Cempedak Ice Cream (single scoop) - RM10 
So yummy, it taste really good as the cempedak taste is quite strong.

The soaring windows of Flight Club bring extra charm by offering a magnificent view over the runway when we were enjoying our foods here. How cool it is right? The hospitality of Flight Club is really great because they even provide amenities such as charging stations, TV channels, complimentary Wi-Fi (that's the most important one!) and a selection of magazines and newspapers.

Alright, time to plan for my next getaway!

Flight Club @ KLIA
Location: Mezzanine Floor (Level 2), Satellite Building, KLIA
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily
Contact: 603-8776 1538
Email:  kliaflightclub@plaze-network.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flightclubmy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flightclubmy/

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