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Thursday, January 07, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad (7th January).
So, today is the 7th day of 2016 and here's my first blog post of the year. No doubt, December was another busy month and it was really contented. 2016 is a good start for me as well, as things are going smooth thus far. 

There are some plans to do in 2016, hopefully can achieve it and I can share on the blog by the end of 2016. *wink* Anyway, here are some pictures to share in this post. 

 On 31st December 2015, we went to Melaka for a Neon Nite Run.
We've accomplished the 7km run. Woohooo,, to a healthier year ahead! #2016

We traveled to Singapore to witness this magical wonderland at Garden by the Bay after the run next day. It was also a catch up session with my sister who is currently working in Sg.

 Our second visit to The Tiramisu Hero, they have the best tiramisu in the world!!!!
By the way, this is my brunch. Tiramisu is after meal. *grin*

Birthday present comes early! This is definitely one of the best present ever!!! Let's travel more..

The new family in my everyday-bag. #powerbank

 On the first day of work.. treat myself a cup of my favourite green tea latte.

God is so humorous.. Yesterday (Sunday, 3rd January) I posted a photo in instagram and written "say hello to new challenges". Immediately, I received a new challenge today - on my first working day in this new year. That's too fast right? 

[caption in instagram]
给30岁的自己,最最最大份的礼物。去年十二月给订金和申请贷款。。ding ding dong dong 后,今天才正式拿到这特大的礼物。#05012016 // 也可以当即将要过31岁生日的我的生日礼物啦~ 嘻

This is one of the biggest gift ever that I bought for myself at the age of 30 and I got the car on 5th January 2016. Since my birthday is coming soon, I can treat it as my 31st birthday present also la.. :)

Miss me? I'm here.

tada~ belloooo... :D
January is another exciting month also because it is the January Capricorn baby month!!!

till then..

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