Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

Monday, January 18, 2016

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake, that's the cheesecake that I've heard so much from my friends. They told me that Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is one of the best and yummy cheesecake so far. I always wanted to buy and try but the price is really expensive. It cost around RM20 for a cheseecake, I will just give it a pass whenever I pass by the shop. 

Last December was the Christmas festive season and I'm going home to celebrate with my family. So, I've decided to bring back some yummy cheesecake to share with my family despite the expensive price. 

I went to the newly opened outlet in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya as it is near to my place.

Happy kid with the yummiest cheesecake

These are the Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake that I brought home with me. I got the signature cheesecake which comes with 2 flavours - the orginal and chocolate, the hat series Cheese Zuccotto cake and the cheesesticks. As mentioned earlier, it was the Christmas season, thus the cute paper bag has been given for free when we purchased the cheesecake.

The original signature cheesecake @ RM21

Don't you love the Christmas emoticon on the cheesecake? I'm sure kids will love it too.

This signature cheesecake was really fluffy and soft as the cheesecake will be baked fresh daily and most importantly, the imported ingredients is selected on preparing the batter, and steam baked to perfection. 

The Signature Cheesecake - chocolate flavour. It taste almost same with the orginal one but chocolate flavour taste stronger. I'm sure you will like the tantalizing aroma, cotton soft and fluffiness texture too because I do.

Do you know that, cheesecake can be served in cold and hot too? Here's the instruction if you want to enjoy the cheesecake like it's freshly baked! You will need to cut the cake into desired slice, and heat it up in microwave. VOILA!

Uncle Tetsu Cheese Zuccotto @ RM21.90

Another attravtive cheesecake that offer in Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake series is this Cheese Zuccotto or the nickname Hat Series. This cute and adorable shape was baked in a round bowl modl which was inspired by the amazing dome of Duomo di Firenze, Italy and also the skull cap worn by the Italian clerics.

This hat series is a combination of premium cheese from Australia and New Zealand. Thus, each bite of Cheese Zuccotto are full of rich, frothy, and creamy texture.

The taste was quite mild compare to the signature cheesecake but this hat series is even more fluffy compare to the signature one. There are 3 flavours under hat series, Angel Hat (Original), Cupid Hat (Strawberry), and Devil Hat (Dark Chocolate). The one I had was the Angel Hat.

Uncle Tetsu Cheesesticks @ RM7.90

Have you ever think of having cheesecake as snacks? Check out this amazing cheesestick which comes with 3 flavours, the original, chocolate and strawberry. 

We finish this in a mere moments. I should buy few more boxes. 

If you're interested with Uncle Tetsu story, you may visit their page for more info, the story is quite interesting. http://www.uncletetsu.com.my/the-brand

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

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