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Thursday, February 25, 2016

When comes to beauty products, I think... most of the female quite familiar with the international brands right? How about the local brands? To my surprise, this beauty products are actually produce and brand locally. 

Hanna & Kent, is a skin care, personal care and cosmetics brand specially designed for young and oily skin which originally from Penang, Malaysia. The concept and image of the brand are designed in the way to show FUN, FRESH, & TRENDY. I'm sure you will get attracted by the cute and beautiful packaging because I did.

Currently, they have set up 3 store in Penang - Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza and the recent one is at DaMen Shopping Mall @ USJ, Subang. They are slowly expanding to attract bigger and more crowds. 

This is the outlet located at DaMen Shopping Mall, USJ, Subang.

In view of the younger generation’s awareness in safety and impact to the environment of products, the formulation of Hanna & Kent emphasized on natural, environmentally friendly.
  • 100% plant origin active
  • FREE of Sodium Laureth Sulphale (SLS)
  • FREE of parabens
Hanna & Kent offer wide range of skin care products which suite for different skin type. This is the DAILY CARE for all skin types, oily skin and sensitive skin which contains 3 products - cleanser, toner and essence.

Each packaging come with a cute design of either Hanna or Kent or both Hanna & Kent together which is the important character of this brand.

Beautiful packaging for Daily Care in Set. 
Just pick, pay and ready to bring home, how considerate.

Daily Care in Set - RM112.30
Cleanser 150ml, Toner 150ml, Essence 50ml

Fear not, DAILY CARE has the traveling kit too.

Each travel kit comes with the a beautiful and handy zip-pouch.

Traveling kit - RM38.10
Cleanser 50ml, Toner 50ml, Essence 12ml

This is the Sebum Control series which suitable for oily skin.

As for the UV protection, there are 2 products - Daily UV Defense which and Corrective UV Defense, both are suitable for all skin types. It provides a long-lasting and natural looking finish while safeguarding skin's beauty for the future.

Daily UV Defence (SPF 30 PA+++) 50g - RM59.90
Corrective UV Defense (SPF 50 PA+++) 50g - RM63.90

Hanna & Kent offers 5 categories of Bio-Cellulose Mask made from Bio-Cellulose which is one of the international latest and most popular plant fibers with unique raw material. Most importantly, it is environmental friendly & natural product.

Bio-Cellulose Mask - RM13.70 / piece

5 Categories of Bio-Cellulose Mask:
Aquaboost (Hydrating),
Ever Young (Revitalizing),
PorePurifying (Deep Cleansing),
Gentle Soothing (Calming),
Snowy White (brightening)

The texture of the mask is very soft and elastic, it patented innovative natural gel sheet with the latest bio technology. This is the must-have items for us because it has the excellent hydration, 16x stronger absorptive power, 500x finer than plant fibers, and perfectly stick to skin. I tried it and love it so so so much, my skin feel refreshed and hydrated after applied for 20 - 25 minutes. 

I like how Hanna & Kent package the products, with beautiful & cute design, the creative tagline and bubble talk by Hanna herself.

"I have an exciting date tonight, Time to Jazz It Up"

"I'm at that time of the month, Time for Extra Care."

This is the must-have product for people who face acne problem (like me), SOBS.
Zap Acne Pimples Cream - RM31.70

I give it a try as I facing some acne problem too, I'm satisfy with the result as it can been seen within 1 to 2 days after I applied the Zap Acne Pimples Cream. The most visible result was the redness of my pimple was slowly reduced.

The hand therapy series which formulated with delightful scent, and of course with the beautiful packaging.

It was made with mango butter which rich in Vitamin A, C and E, improve fine lines and wrinkle.

Floral Fruity, Creamy Vanilla, Summer Rose, Citrus Verbena, English Lavender 
RM25.30 / piece. 

The hand cream is perfectly smooth without sticky feel.

If you're looking for a gift for friends, you may consider to get this set - Home Facial Spa Series. Or you can even get it for yourself too, we should not neglected to continue love ourselves everyday.

Home Facial Spa Series - RM95.30
Scrub - 10ml, serum - 5ml, revitalising bio-cellulose mask x 3 pcs

By costing less than 100 bucks, you can always pamper yourself up to at least 3 times.!

The 10ml scrub.

3 pcs of Skin Brightening Bio-Cellulose Mask which helps to brighter complexion and even refine our skin's texture. How considerate right?

I got myself the Home Facial Spa Series - GENTLE SOOTHING.
Pampering time at home.

Beside the beauty and personal care products, Hanna & Kent is selling some their own mechanize too.

Hanna & Kent couple mug

Tin Box and also plush toy.

If you're not staying in either Penang or KL, you can still get this cute products from Watsons Malaysia or the online store too.

BIO-CELLULOSE MASK (1 pc) X 5 winners

1) LIKE Hanna & Kent Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hannaandkent
2) Leave a comment below, why would you like to win this Bio-Cellulose Mask?
3) Include your name and email address in the comment box

Winners will be contacted by Hanna & Kent and you may need to visit the outlet at Da:Men to redeem as you can choose the mask.

Da:Men, USJ: Lot G-41, Ground Floor

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