South Korea 2015: Day 2 - Explore Nampo-dong 남포동 @ Busan

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I should speed up my 2015 Korea travelogue before I'm traveling to Korea again this year. YAY! I can't wait for it. Since I've been to Korea in winter, this time I will be visiting the same place again this spring.

p/s: I just realize that my Europe travelogue has been stored in my hard disk for years. Perhaps.. I will only start to blog about it when I decide to visit Europe again. *grin* Anyway, kidding je..

If you've miss out my previous Korea travelogue, you may read it HERE.

Nampo-dong shopping street, Busan

Day 2: 4th Feb 2015
Currency: KRW1,000 = USD1 = RM3.30 (easier to convert)

It is time to explore the beauty of Busan (부산 or 釜山), the second largest city in South Korea after Seoul. Busan is famous with its beaches, mountain, temples, seafoods and it is also one of the best place to explore the culture of South Korea. 

Underground coffee shop

This is the area I covered on day 2, Nampo-dong. Nampo-dong is the must visit place if this is the first time you're in Busan. At here, you will experience the traditional market, the shopping heaven, street food and coffee, and many more. I'm sure you will enjoy exploring this place as much as I do.

As this was my first time in Nampo-dong, I have no idea where should I begin to explore. So, after we reached Nampo Station by Metro, we just randomly walk around. Luckily, we managed to grab a copy of the map at tourist information counter which help us to have a clearer image of the exact location of the tourist spots.

...and I'm kind enough to prepare the map below by showing the places I visited which is also the must-visit tourist spots. *grin*

The must-visit tourist spots and the location of Nampo Station by Metro

This is my route of exploring nampo-dong and the attractions nearby by foot.

Nampo Station (metro) > Gwangbok-dong shopping street > Gukje International Market > Busan International Film Festival Square (“BIFF”) > Jagalchi Market > Bosu-dong book street > Street food & shopping in BIFF > Yongdusan Park > Busan Tower

One day will be sufficient to visit all these places. Let's start exploring this amazing tourist spots.

We took metro and stopped at Nampo station, exit 1.
Once we walked up from the staircase, the famous Lotte Mall is right in front of us.

It was still early and thus, the street was not crowded with cars and people.

All the shops haven't open yet and thus, we decided to look for a restaurant for breakfast.

This is the Gwangbok-dong shopping street, it will be a very busy street and crowded with people after the shops open. My first impression of this street when I first arrived here was, this street look exactly like Xi Men Ding at Taiwan.

Most of the restaurant open for business early in the morning, we decided to have our breakfast at this restaurant after some research.

A bowl of piping hot beef soup to keep us warm in this winter.

I got shocked when this noodle was served in front of me. The portion was so huge and I had placed the wrong order. I should order a hot / warm noodle instead, but I've accidentally order the cold noodle. It was really suffering to finish a bowl of cold noodle in this freaking cold weather. SOBS.

Luckily, my bf willing to share his foods with me.

After breakfast, we walked to the center point of Gwangbok-dong.

We continue to hop from shops to shops. Each of the shop has their own uniqueness and I enjoy my walk by seeing all these exterior / front entrances which showcasing modern and traditional design.

Do you know what is this?
You will see this along the street during winter season in Korea.

Let's grab a cup of hot coffee.

A very small coffee shop that only offer take away. Don't you think the interior and setup is just simply lovely?

Coffee for her & him from Sugar Factory.

Let's exploring the beauty of Nampo.

There are so many photos that I would like to share in the blog, and thus I will share in few blog post. Next post, Gukje Market - A traditional market that should not be missed on your first trip to Busan.

Have a glance at Gukje Market.

HOW TO GO to Nampo-dong? 
Subway: Nampong Station, Line 1, (the orange line) 

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  1. Dear u didn't tell us what are those "flowers" by roadside. They look like cauliflower to me, hehe ^__^

    1. Actually I also don't know what kind of plant is that. I try to google but also couldn't get the correct answer. I assume it is cabbage-kind of plant.

  2. Im waiting for day 3 ~~ ^^

    1. Hi,

      There are 3 more post for Day 2 before I proceed to Day 3. HAHA.

  3. Do you still have softcopy of your original map?

    1. Hi Tricia,
      I have the one edited. If you want the edited sofycopy, you may drop me an email at :)

  4. The plants are ornamental cabbages!


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