Busan 2015: Explore Haeundae, Haeundae Traditional Market, Daiso

Friday, March 25, 2016

In Haeundae, one must visit Haeundae beach but we didn't make it because due to tight schedule and also, the weather was really cold & windy. On our last night in Busan, we explore Haeundae by visiting the traditional market, and also Daiso. Yes, Daiso in South Korea. :) 

The crowds at night seems to be more quiet compare to Gwangli area, lesser cars and people too.

Even restaurant also few customers only.

Haeundae Traditional Market, it was a random stroll and we were here. Haeundae beach is just across the street but we didn't go explore.

I'm sure the traditional market will be more crowded during day time. Here, we could find many stalls selling fresh vegetables, meats and seafood, as well as Korean street food such as kimbap (seaweed rice roll) and tteokbokki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce).

Time to hunt for food!

I was so excited when I stumbled upon a stall selling "pau" (Chinese Bun).

Nothing fancy about this bun, but it keeps my tummy warm.


Fresh fruits stall.

Fried Chicken with sweet and sour sauce.

We continued our walk and this shop got my attention - OPS Boulangerie Patisserie.

You will be regretted to step into this shop because there are so many beautiful and yummy pastries, especially pastries with nice packaging.

All these come with a beautiful packaging as we can giveaway as a gift. Unfortunately, I can't bring it home because it isn't cheap.

It was the month of February - Valentine's Day celebration, thus the beautiful packaging with floral graphics.

On our way walking back to our hotel, we saw this 3-storey Daiso.

So, what's the difference between Daiso in Malaysia and South Korea? In Malaysia, all the items sell at RM5 (before 6% GST), the Daiso in Korea isn't selling the goods in RM5 but most of the products are really cheap.

Fresh plants.

Korean canned food, KRW 1,500 for each (around RM5).

Morea snacks and cookies, why Malaysia don't have one? Each snacks cost between RM3 - RM6+.

I bought 2 tooth paste!! It was really cheap seriously, only RM3.30 per unit.

Time flies, it is time to say goodbye to Busan. Before we check-out and depart to the bus station, we went to the convenient shop nearby to grab some food and drinks.

I really like to get varieties of healthy drinks from the convenient shop in South Korea, they have soya, yoghurt and many more. 

Let's take a look at this cute stuff in the convenient shop.

Kleenex limited edition tissue which did not sell in Malaysia, so these 2 packs are going back with me to Malaysia. Each of this selling at KRW1,000 (RM3.30).

There are other brands of tissue paper with cute graphics on the packaging too.

Travel kit, I like the pastel colour and simplicity of the packaging.

Alright, time to check-out and I will be back again, Busan.

It was another beautiful day in Busan.

Our bus ticket, heading to Seoul - a 4 hours journey from Busan.

till then..

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  1. hai..tq for your info. help me alot because will go to Busan this Nov 2017. few thing i want to ask, which place you think i should not miss? and how much the bus ticket? tq


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