Busan 2015: Hotel The Sun @ Haeundae

Monday, March 21, 2016

On the day 3 in Busan, we stayed in a hotel in Haeundae due to the inconveniences of our couchsurfing host. As you know, Haeundae is famous with its beach, sadly we couldn't make it to the beach as it was really cold at night and on the next day, we were rushing to the bus station to Seoul.

Anyway, there are other places and things to explore within the walking distance from our hotel. Fear not, there are tons of hotel in Haeundae, no worries on getting a room despite the pricing. We check-in to Hotel The Sun which cost RM196 per night for a standard double room. As usual, I researched and read the reviews online before confirming the room. It has good comments and the rooms look great from the photos posted on website.

There are so many hotel here, and it took us few minutes to find out the exact location of the hotel by taxi. Each hotel is located side by side, so you can imagine the numbers of the hotels here. 

Both side of the buildings are hotels, besides there, convenience shops are everywhere too.

Done with check-in, let's explore the room.

It was a WOW from me when I enter the room. First impression about this room was CLEAN! It might be cause of the white painting on the wall and the white furniture.

The rooms has everything you need, from bed, amenities, basic facilities to a desktop computer.

Wall is decorated with some Hangul. Simple yet beautiful.

Here's the other view of the room.
Television, computer, fridge, dressing table and chair.

I realized, there's a PC provided in most of the hotel in Korea. I'm not sure why, but it is really convenient to travelers. Anyway, we didn't use it because I don't login to personal account by using public PC.

There's a huge sofa and coffee table beside the bed. Yea, we placed our luggage, bags and winter coat on it.

Antique phone in the room which is workable.

Hair dryer place underneath the dressing table.

Coffee and tea is provided as well. On the side note, the 3in2 coffee in Korea taste good.

I'm surprised at this! What's that?

The styling gel, moisturizer, after shave product, emulsion and some lotion.


The small washroom, yet it still can fit a bathtub.

Hair & body shampoo and conditioner at your choice, and also the shaving foam.

Bath & face towel, and toilet bowl with heating function.

Besides all the great amenities provided in the room, they are also offering free flow of coffee and popcorn (all day).

Toast bread is available too.

The coffee machine, it is free of charge.

Don't you think, with the price we paid, this is really affordable and value for money? They offer most of the things needed for the travelers, how considerate. Besides that, they are located at a strategic location where easy to access to Haeundae beach, Haeundae traditional market (for street food, seafood, vegetable etc) and many more, by foot. 

This is one of the hotel attracted me, the interior and exterior is really beautiful.

Hotel The Sun @ Haeundae
Address: 638-7 Wu-Dong, Haeundae-Gu, 612-020 Busan, South Korea

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