Busan 2015: Seomyeon Shopping District

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Seomyeon is another good place for shopping in Busan, there are also few underground shopping center where you can find many international brands as well. After we spent almost half a day in Gamcheon Culture Village, we heading to Seomyeon which is toward the north of Busan. Seomyeon wasn't in our itinerary, so, we just follow the directions in Metro station.

Just take the metro to Seomyeon station and you will reach that place.

Here's the view after we walked out from the metro. Similar to Myeongdong but much more smaller scale where there are a lot of shops and restaurant. The street wasn't really busy when we were there.

Few international brands were spotted here, such as Zara and Nike..

In the evenings, most of the mobile stalls setup by the street.

Basically, we just walk around in Seomyeon Shopping District and didn't able to take a peek in their underground shopping mall. I'm sure there are a lot of things could explore in Seomyeon. Today was the last night in Busan, so we gotta rush back to pack stuff and transfer our luggage from our couchsurfing host to the hotel at Haeundae.

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