South Korea 2015: Day 2 - Gwangbok-dong Cultural & Fashion Street, Busan International Film Festival Square (BIFF), Jagalchi Market, Bosu-dong Bookstreet

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Day 2: 4th Feb 2015
Currency: KRW1,000 = USD1 = RM3.30

From Gukje Market - the traditional market in Busan, we continue our Nampo-dong journey to Gwangbok-dong again and the famous Busan International Film Festival Square (BIFF). It stated on the website that the BIFF Square has contributed to Busan's newfound status as an international cultural tourist city.

Gwangbok-dong is a shopping street where people name it as the "Myeong-dong Busan" where it captures the heart of fashion, art, culture, and shopping in Busan which locate in between BIFF Square and Yongdusan Park.

We don't have any mobile data nor any map with us, so we just walk around without afraid of getting lost. And because of that, we stumbled upon this beautiful mural in the metro underground.

The mural on a metro underground.

Sunny day but the weather was cool.

The KRW 5,000 (around RM15) attracted me!!!! They are selling some winter jacket, scarf, shoes, socks, caps...

The scarf, RM3,30 only and the boots selling at RM10!!!! I bought 1 scarf and 3 boots. LOL. The boots were quite comfy, worth it.

Along the Gwangbok-dong, you will spotted many golden statues.

The iconic statue in Gwangbok-dong.

Here are some of the view & shops that we passed by when we were walking towards BIFF Square.

YAY!! We are here in BIFF Square. There are 2 ways to enter to BIFF Square, and this is one of the entrance we enter where ArtBox will be seen. ArtBox was founded in 1984 and today has become Korea’s leading stationery gift shop chain.  Today ArtBox has over 100 locations throughout Korea and has expanded internationally.

The shop was packed with cute stationary, and some decorations stuff.

Beautiful products and of course, the price is not cheap too.

I like these cards written in Hangul.

Walked out from the ArtBox, and there's the BIFF Square. Here, you can easily taste a lot of the local street food and I'm here for the famous hotteok, it is a pancake stuff with brown sugar, seeds, peanuts...

Along the BIFF Square street, there are the hand prints by the artist.

What's this?
We take a peek because many people were queuing for this.

Eh! That's roti canai (a Malaysian local street food) right? LOL, but this is Korean version, Ok, let's skip this and hunt for the REAL Korean street food.

It was almost late evening and most of the stalls start crowded with customers.

YAY! I found the stall which selling hotteok.
LONG Q!!!! So, I'm sure it must be really good ya.

There are many stalls selling hotteok but this is the famous one where you could get the best and yummiest hotteok. You may try to look for this sign.

The dough for the pancake.
All the pancakes were made on the spot and so, you could taste the real hotteok fresh from the oven.

Frying the pancake.

Here's my hotteok!!! There were brown sugar, peanuts, and many more. 

Be careful because it was really hot. Anyway, it taste really good!! Mark this in your itinerary ya.

More street food: tteokbokki, dumpling, kimbap (the seaweed rolls) and many more..

This is the other entrance of BIFF. After the walking and trying the street food at BIFF, we continue our journey to Jagalchi Market.

Cross the road, and we will be reaching Jagalchi Market.

What to do at Jagalchi Market?
To have a seafood feast and to taste the live octopus!!!! Yes, live! 

It was in my itinerary to try the live octopus, but I didn't make it.

It was fun to take a tour at Jagalchi Market because I saw many weird and huge seafoods. It was really eye-opening.

The gigantic octopus!!!!!!!

So tempting, wanted to try it, but it is not cheap.

Many ajumma (aunties in Korean) in the market too. So, it seems like Jagalchi Market is not for the tourist only. 

Seafood restaurant.

Here's another entrance of Jagalchi Market.

Although we didn't dine in Jagalchi Market, yet it was really fun to walk along the market and have a look at the seafoods and also the people who bargaining for good price. Not-to-be miss when you're traveling to Busan.

From BIFF Square to Jagalchi Market, our next next destination is the Bosu-dong bookstreet. A book street which full of books!!!.

A short introduction about Bosu-dong bookstreet but too bad, it was in Korean. It would be great if they could include English as well, so tourist will get to know more about this book street.

The distance from Jagalchi Market to Bosu-dong book street is quite a distance but we don't mind to walk. It might needs around 20 - 30 mins for the walk.

You will be reaching Bosu-dong book street soon when you see this church.

Here we are!!!! There are many book store here but most of the books are in Korean. I trying to look for English / Chinese or other languages, but failed.

Story books, colouring books, books for school... you name it.

It sky was getting dark, lesser customers at here, so we take our own sweet time to walk from store to store.

Nothing much to see because most of the books are written in Korean. So, we just enjoy walking at this Bosu-dong book street. It is good to experience the culture and life here.

I got attracted by this book store, so vintage and nice. 

End of our bosu-dong bookstreet journey.

Books + cafe = nice combination.
The shop looks really cozy ya.

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  1. 3 boots?!! I wonder where can you where it at Malaysia, LOL

    1. I terus wore it after bought, Super super comfy. Another 2 pairs, I give it as a gift to my friends who traveling to cold country that time. :) hehee


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