South Korea 2015: Gukje Market (남포동 국제시장) @ Busan

Friday, March 04, 2016

Day 2: 4th Feb 2015
Currency: KRW1,000 = USD1 = RM3.30

After we had our breakfast and grab for our daily dose, we started to explore every corner of Nampo-Dong and the nearby attractions. Gukje Market (남포동 국제시장) is one of Korea's largest markets not to be missed when traveling to Busan. The meaning of Gukje is "international", thus you can name it as international market. 

Alley was full with stalls and the walkway is narrow.

This is a tradition market where you can find almost everything you need right here, each alleyway is corded with stalls, and it connects to other tourist attraction spots such as BIFF, Jagalchi Market, and others. You might get lost in Gukje Market because there are so many alleys and most of them selling similar stuff but fear not, just explore and you might found many interested things and people too.

Some people might feel boring with this type of market, but if you are a explorer or a person who like to experience what's the local do, eat and see, this might be one of the good place. So, what's in Gukje Market? 

Besides clothes, they are selling bed sheets, pillows and everything that you need for the bedroom. These pillows are so cute and colourful which attracted me when I passed by.

Drawing & paintings.

Not-to-forget, the coffee shop, and this shop is really really really small!

Mobile fruit stall.

How about this? The quality not bad though.

In Malaysia, we called this kedai runcit where you can buy all these snacks, foods, drinks from the shop.


Bowls, containers, cups, tiffin...

Slippers and bags.

The snacks.

Beautiful clocks.

The fish market.

The wet market was really crowded with uncle and aunty.


Korean dishes.

Face mask selling at really really low price.

I wanted to try a bowl of red bean soup because it smells really good but I'm still full thus give it a miss.

The corns were really beautiful.

A very mini mini mini shop spotted. You can realize how small the shop is by looking at the size of the man in black jacket standing there. The shop could only fit... 2 persons only.

Basically, Gukje Market is a nice place to explore and walk around. The place is crowded with people and elderly if you visit the market in the morning, but still bearable. This is definitely a good experience for me.

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  1. Wonder why ur BF interested to the scissor o.O"

    1. hahaa.. we like to explore things in different country, wanna check out how's their quality. :D


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