South Korea 2015: Sinchon - BonGousse Rice Burger 봉구스 밥버거 + Issac Toast 이삭토스트 명동점

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Allow me to jump to the breakfast that we had on our 8th day in South Korea. Believe it or not? I decided to share this post when I'm really really hungry at work!!! When I was working, my stomach was growling, and that's where I thought of the yummy rice burger that I had in Korea last February.

We wanted to try the famous Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ (팔색삼겹살) at Sinchon where they serve fresh pork belly meat seasoned with eight kinds of special sauces. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the restaurant. Anyway, we still had the yummy rice burger and also, the famous Isaac Toast.

But wait!!! Guess what? When I was browsing my photo album to prepare this post, I realize, there's a photo of the Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! It is actually located right opposite of the rice burger shop that we had. *head banging*.

LOOK! This is the Palsaik Samgyupsal Korean BBQ Restaurant. It looks really hidden, because I thought it was a billboard at first, until I google and found out this. OMG OMG! I still couldn't believe this.

LOL! It's okay. Palsaik is quite common already and there are few outlets in Malaysia too. I still being grateful because I get to try the rice burger which is not listed in my itinerary.

The famous Isaac Toast and right beside it, it is the BonGousse Rice Burger (yellow outlet).

BonGousse Rice Burger is a popular Korean style fast food eatery known for its very delicious and yet cheap rice burgers. The rice burger is basically rice with a size of a palm stuffed with a variety of ingredients inside (tuna, kimchi, cheese, pork etc). Rice replaces the hamburger buns of traditional burgers. It's a handy snack especially for teenagers and university students, we saw many students when we stepped into the shop. It has a lot of branches throughout Korea usually in the university neighborhood such as Hongdae, Konkuk Univ, Edae, SNU and more.

This is the shop at Sinchon where many students will have a quick bite here or takeaway.

This is the menu in Korean and Chinese, I think there's also a menu in English (if I didn't remember wrongly). The rice burger here is really affordable, price ranging from KRW 1,500 to KRW 3,000. You will be spoiled for choice, look at the varieties of rice burger they are serving.

A very simple graphics to demonstrate, how you should enjoy the rice burger, and also the ingredients can be added.

This outlet at Sinchon is really small, they could cater up to 8 or 10 pax only.

The students having some quick bite.

Here's our rice burger, the size is quite big and no doubt, it was really filling after we finish the whole rice burger.

We ordered tuna + chicken (non-spicy) and chicken with kimchi (spicy).

Our breakfast - the rice burger.

The rice burger wrapped with the tuna and chicken + special sauce.

This is the spicy chicken with kimchi.

It taste really really spicy. Don't play play.

The Korean rice comes with the seaweed.

We were quite full after having the filling rice burger. But since Isaac Toast is just right beside of the rice burger, why not give it a try! Isaac Toast is quite famous in Korea too, they are serving varieties of sandwiches which stuffed with cheese, vegetable, ham, bacon, potato and many more.

Besides the toast, they are offering drinks - coffee and juices too. It is really convenient for people who wanna grab and go.

Looks so juicy and yummy right? Anyway, this is for illustration purpose only la.

This is our Isaac Toast. Erm... doesn't look as good as in the poster, but at least, it looks healthy ya.

There's egg, bacon, vegetables in our Isaac Toast. Maybe we were quite full after having the rice burger, thus the Isaac Toast doesn't really impress me. Perhaps, I shall give it another attempt when I visit Seoul again this Spring. YAY! I'm going back again. :D 

What's next after the breakfast?
We were heading to the famous shopping heaven , Myeong-Dong!

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