New Chapter by The Owls Cafe @ Calvary Convention Centre

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another post which "store" in my draft for quite some time. Since today got the "ohmmm" to share in my blog, so here you go.

Weekend, time to plan another brunch session with my friends. 
So, we decided to visit New Chapter by The Owls Cafe.

I'm sure everyone is quite familiar with this cafe which located in the huge building - The Calvary Convention Centre at Bukit Jalil, nearby Seri Kembangan / Serdang too. The building is very easy to be seen as it is a big and white building and located right beside the roadside. 

The Owls Cafe is famous with their delectable Rebecca Waffles. I'm happy that the waffles will be served in this new outlet too. Besides that, they are offering breakfast & brunch. The choices are less than ten which will easier for you to make decision. 

One of the reason I like this cafe is the spacious dining area compare to their first outlet which has limited tables and a more narrow walkway. Anyway, this is the waiting area for the guest when the tables are fully occupy.

Drinks preparation counter on the right and there are some merchandise display on the shelf. But I heard that the merchandises are not for sell, for example, the owl's cup.

The cute owl cups.

The cafe opens at 10am and we arrived on time hence the cafe is still quiet and empty. But it fully filled with customers in a mere moments.

Nutty Latte - RM12
The coffee smell really good and aromatic compare to the normal latte. Try it if you are a coffee lover.

Super Fruits Tea - RM12 serving in a cute owl pot and cups.

Too much owls here, there are owls graphic on the plate as well.

The famous Rebecca Waffles - RM18, fluffy waffle topped with fresh blueberries & strawberries,  banana, almond flakes and a scope of sesame ice cream.

Rebecca Waffles - RM18

Midori Waffle - RM21
Matcha based waffle filled with generous amount of Mandarin Oranges with sprinkle of pistachio, homemade black sesame and coconut ice cream together with red bean cream.

David Waffles - RM18
Topped with bananas, vanilla ice cream together with peanut butter cream and chocolate sauce which well-blended with the almond flakes, coconut flakse and toasted coconute flakes.

My favourite waffles would be the Rebecca and Midori.

English Muffin - RM16
English style muffin with egg mayonnaise & semi sun-dried tomatoes with mix green salad and buttered parsley potatoes on side.

Muffin & Lox - RM18
English style muffin with mascarpone cream cheese and smoked salmon served with tomato salsa and shimeji mushroom.

Chunky Sea Catch (Baker on the Go) - RM18
Fresh tuna chunk with creamy mayonnaise & sundried tomato.

Morning Daisy (Baker on the Go) - RM16
From eggs scrambled to perfection in golden & soft texture.

Overall, the breakfast & brunch is quite good but it would be better if they can always remain the standard of the food especially the taste and freshness. Because the first I went, the potato chips isn't crispy but it was good on the second visit. Besides that, the mushroom taste good on my first visit, but during the second visit, the mushroom wasn't fresh.

Spot it? I purposely wear the owl tee to match with The Owls Cafe and my friend's bag has the OWL(s) too. :D

The total damage for 8 persons.

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  1. 你用什么apps来调色, 我喜欢叻~~

    1. I always use LINE CAMERA for editing my photos. :) Been using for quite some time. <3

  2. The waffles look divine! The owl teacups make very cute pairing as well.
    Really enjoy your recommendation Yvonne :) x

    Michelle from


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