Pangkor Island Festival 2015 邦咯海岛节

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last year, I attended the Pangkor Island Festival (PIF) - a pioneering island-based festival where community, culture and arts come to play. PIF aspires to integrate community culture, history and folklore with local tourism, highlight the best of Pangkor’s unique local delicacies as well as its touristic and scenic attractions. It was a grand celebration where both Pangkorians and visitors were having fun together,

The festival runs for 4 days, there were many attractive performances, workshop. theater, music and also a fun run where we run along the Pangkor village and by the beach. We truly had an enjoyable trip during this PIF.  Below was the post I posted in my Facebook after I'm back from the festival which based on my true feelings and my thoughts. Beautiful photos will be shared at the end of this post. :)

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当中也有很多艺术家也来到参与这一届的邦咯海岛节。他们在Art Bazaar “摆档”,售卖他们设计的物品。其实这和KL 的跳蚤市场 (flea market / bazaar) 没什么两样。唯一不一样的是,这一班的艺术家会和居民或旅客(就是我们啦)述说他们所设计图案里背后的故事和意义。我觉得这真的很棒。这不但只让我们明白其中意义,也能够让这些positive的话语激励我们。

世界真的很小,一起同行的朋友认识这邦咯海岛节的主要负责人 - Eric。而我也有机会了解到主办邦咯海岛节的原因,还有背后的辛酸故事。我问Eric “会继续每一年都办吗?”。他说明年应该会停办一年,计划两年办一次。因为筹备工作真的很不简单。从策划,寻找义工,节目安排至和当地人民沟通等等。。。

在邦咯岛的第二天,朋友问我明年还会来吗?我很坚决的说不!可是, 当我去参与他们准备的节目,还有用心去体验这小地方的生活和当地的人民等。。我告诉自己说,我还会回来。嘻! 


The Terminal Jeti to enter into Pangkor Island.

Ticket can be purchased at the counter, RM10 per person (both way). 

We were welcome by this beautiful village on this beautiful day.

The jetty.
We arrived and depart from this terminal in Pangkor Island. As I know, there are 2 terminal in Pangkor island and this is the one which nearest to our homestay and the main street.

Pangkor Island Festival postcard.

The weather was really good throughout our stay in Pangkor island.

The street in Pangkor island, all shops were close and turned to be very quiet after 4pm. Only few restaurant is open until late night.

There are many lovely homestay in Pangkor island, and this is one of it after we walked out from the jetty.

DIY decorations in the homestay.

That's us, standing in front of the homestay for a group pictures.
We traveled to Pangkor island together from KL.

Our homestay on the left.

The road at the residence area is really narrow, only bicycle and motor bike could go through. I'm sure the neighbourhood here is quite close to each other as they are staying side by side, and right opposite too. The overall environment doesn't look like the condominium in KL, because at here, the neighbour will not close the door and window. They will leave it open and sometimes you can see the children and adult sitting in the living room, watching television program together or sitting in front of their door and chit chat. That's the life in small town. So close, so intimate.

Main transportation in Pangkor Island is motorbike.
We rented 2 bikes to go around in the island too, I do not have motorbike license but still can drive.

That's my friend, 3 of them riding on the motorbike together.

One of the #yvesootd, I was ready to the beach after our breakfast.

Helmet on!
Safety first even though Pangkor Island is a small town and most of the local don't really wear the helmet.

The beautiful beach in the island.

The local coffee smell so good.


This is really really really YUMMY!!! It is a type of fish and they fried it, dip the sweet & sour sauce and it taste so good!

Thanks to my friend, she brought me to try this tau fu fa (豆腐花) in a wooden bucket which the texture so smooth and delicious.

This little town is beautify by all this creative mural. Look around when you explore the town, you will found a lot of drawings.

Here's another mural.

This is one of my favourite painting among all.

One of the activity you can do at Pangkor Island is find a place that you like and start to draw + paint. That's our friend who draw & paint under the HOT SUN!!! *crazy*
p/s: and you can take some nice portrait or photo at here too (look at our friend at the end of the bridge) hehee..  

Here are few of the photo that I snapped.

Abstract painting.

The kids and adult had fun together. #painting.

These are the recycle items which turned into a fun game. They teach kids how to have fun with all these awesome recycle stuff.

Here's one of the coolest activity we do at night - moonlight cinema. Yes, we watched movie under the moonlight, in a spacious space , without any rooftop, and thank God for the good weather. 

The crews were busy setting up the cardboard chair for the moonlight cinema session. Yeap, this is basically how it looks like.

Awesome live stage performance by the committee and local to kick-start the Pangkor Island Festival. Nice and lively music, beautiful props and of course, awesome actors & actress. Thanks for welcoming us with the beautiful show on the first night in Pangkor Island.

We got the chance to learn to do Japanese Washi Paper and here's my work. Beautiful isn't it? I prefer simple design and so, I only added one dry leave / flower on each of my washi paper.

Here are some products made from washi paper.

In Klang Valley, art & craft bazaar is so common and many people like to attend to. I'm surprised that the organizer did organize an art market and invited many talented artist to join this bazaar.

A very simple booth setup (2 tables & chairs), but the products itself was so interesting and attractive. I spent almost 2 hours here to explore each booth and bought some postcards in support of the local artists.

The bazaar was place at a narrow neighbourhood area.

The seller was so creative, play a game with him and you can bring home this T-Shirt at RM10 only (NP: RM30 / pc).

 Latte at Pangkor Island.
The price is really cheap, RM4 - 5 only if I'm not mistaken.

I think this is the only cafe in Pangkor Island, they are serving all kinds of coffee, latte, cappuccino etc. 

The owner turns this area into a decent cafe, which attracted many youngster to visit at night.

The coffee bar.

*** ** *** *** ** *** *** ** *** *** ** *** 

It was mid autumn festival on our last night in Pangkor Island, so we bought the lantern and candles and light up the neighbourhood area.

Us - sitting in Kampung Style and having our supper.

Thanks for the beautiful memories.

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