South Korea 2016: The Juicy Highlights

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yet to done sharing of my winter 2015 travelogue to South Korea but first, let me share some juicy highlights of my South Korea Spring 2016 travelogue. This time, we traveled to Korea in spring purely for the beautiful cherry blossom and I'm glad we went on the right timing. Beautiful flowers bloomed every where and the weather was really good in Seoul during day but turned colder at night. 

Our route was Seoul - Jeonju - Busan - Seoul. We wanted to visit our Korean friends in Busan thus decided to include 3 days 2 nights to this place again in our itinerary. In this travelogue, there's no complete itinerary nor total expenses because I've lost my passport and my note book in Jeonju earlier, so after that I don't bother to record it anymore.

Let's start with..

Beautiful cherry blossom in Olympic Park, Seoul.

7th April 2016, mid night flight to Seoul.
A 6 hours journey and I didn't have a good sleep in the plane.
p/s: alright, please ignore my "middle" finger, that was a coincidence. lol

I'm trilled to back in Seoul again, I love South Korea. :)
Waiting for my turn at the airport immigration counter.

Grabbed a cup of coffee first after exit from the immigration counter.
Since TOUS les JOURS is originally from Korea, so we decided to have a quick breakfast at here first before meeting our Airbnb host.

It was almost an hour journey by bus from Incheon International Airport to the airbnb which located at Songpa-gu area, it is not at the city center itself yet it is a nice and quite neighbourhood. Nearby attractions are Olympic Park, Lotte World Mall, Seokchon lake park, and many mall. More details of the airbnb and surroundings will be shared separately.

Oh.. how beautiful is the hangul (Korean alphabet).

NO to the origin taste of banana milk, but YES to the chocolate flavour one.

Look at the amount of cherry blossom tree. Happy me.
This is at Olympic Park.

Most of the cherry blossom is white in Korea.

7th April 2016, first day in Korean, and it was a memorable day for me. Thing was happened at Olympic Park, right under this cherry blossom tree.

He proposed at Olympic Park @ Seoul after our 11 years together.

[My posting in FB] 
【The Marriage Proposal under the Cherry Blossom @ Seoul • 韩国首尔 樱花树见证下的求婚记 】

7th April 2016, Thursday • Olympic Park, Seoul
韩国首尔 • 抵达的第一天

两个性格不相似的我们决定要一起迈入人生另一个阶段了~ 那一天的阳光很大却很温暖,柔和的春风吻上我的脸。 心血来潮,我们租了辆脚踏车绕着奥林比克公园走。美丽的樱花迎接我们的到来; 就在樱花花瓣徐徐的飘落着,他拿出一枚戒指 (接下来的剧情不需要再透露了吧)。。这一切都在我不知情下,他居然安全的把这戒指从马来西亚"运"过来韩国了。其实我真的有吓到,他还未完成他的"台词",我就把他拉起来。哈哈! 回想起那一幕,真的还蛮搞笑。其实我有紧张啦~ 

So, YAY! We are getting married soon.. #ywslm #yveshappySEOUL

The street was so beautiful with the cherry blossom trees on both sides of the street.

Activity we did in Olympic Park, rent a bicycle and explored around. That was really fun!!!!

Nami Island.

Yea, we rent a bike at Nami Island too. It will be an ideal suggestion to rent a bike / bicycle at Nami Island as the island is really big, it take longer time to tour the whole island by foot.

Our first experience with hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume).
We rented this beautiful hanbok at Oneday Hanbok.

By wearing the hanbok, we are allow to visit the palace for free. Instead of visiting the famous Gyeongbokgung, we opt for Deoksugung Palace because lesser crowds and easier for me to take "decent" photos. hehe

Lovely shot by the fiance.

Love at Deoksugung Palace.

Deoksugung Palace 

Deoksugung Palace 

Deoksugung Palace 

Deoksugung Palace 

It was the right timing when we arrived Deoksugung Palace, as the guard changing ceremony just started.

Guard changing at Deoksugung Palace.

Guard changing at Deoksugung Palace.

Most of the palace's signage is written in Chinese character, but this palace at Insadong is written in Hangul (Korean Alphabet).

The beauty of Insadong in spring.

Coffeesmith, it is one of the franchise cafe which easily found in Korea. On our last 2 days in Korea, I visited the cafe and spent some quality time to write postcard after ordered the coffee. Here are my materials needed to write the postcards - colourful pen and tapes, a stamp craved with my Chinese name, and of course, the Korea stamp as well.

We sat by the window and here's the beautiful view. Chilling weather, soothing music was playing in the cafe and a great companion, sounds PERFECT isn't it?

Cheonggyecheon stream at night, I have yet to have the chance to walk down even though I have visited this place twice.

What's more to do in Seoul? Of course to watch the Cookin' Nanta Show, it is a non-verbal performance integrates Korea's traditional fhythm, Samulnori, with comedy and drama in the kitchen.. We were really enjoyed throughout the show and the performance was really great! 

We watched the show at Myeongdong Theatre and few show will be performed every day. Basically, there are 4 seat types and we got the 3rd class one which required KRW50,000 per pax. But we were fortunate to get a 50% discount on the date we chosen, so you will have to keep an eyes on the promotions and NOT to buy the nanta's show ticket too early. Sometimes, there will be last minute great deal to be grabbed. We purchased the ticket online.

HEY!!! I found him accidentally! Brown is one of my favourite bear. I was so happy to stumbled upon him in the Line Friends Store in Myeongdong.

Huge Brown and the "mini" me. LOL!

A random shop we passed by when we were on the way walking to the Embassy of Malaysia.

YAY! We're here in Embassy of Malaysia.
Further reading why we were here, CLICK HERE.

Yeap, I lost my passport and this is my temporary passport to enable me to back to Malaysia.

We went crazy at Lotte Mart.

That's the luggage I brought along when I do my shopping at Myeongdong. I would suggest to bring an empty luggage along and you will never regret after that. Definitely will ease your burden by caring the heavy shopping hauls.

I like the shopping bag from banila co.

Here are few of my purchased from A'PIEU. The lipstick is really nice to use and priced at RM10 per stick. Price for the facial products are quite cheap too, I bought a toner and emulsion, both selling at RM45-50 each.

Many people were craving for this and how could I not give it a try. Each bottle selling at KRW8,800 (RM30), it is consider quite expensive for a green tea milk spread but would worth to give it a try. The aromatic and taste of the green tea is really good, most of my friends love it too. In Malaysia, few of the online seller selling at RM50 and above per bottle.

One of our favourite activity was entered to the convenient shop to look for hot drinks (mostly, coffee), snacks, noodles or rice.
p/s: this honey butter almond is one of the snack to die for.

This is really tempting, the Korean army base stew (Budae Jjigae) which we had in Simpson Tang @ Hongdae.

Our Korean friends welcomed us by inviting us to had a dinner at his restaurant. YUM.

Delicious homecooked Korean meal by our host in Seoul.


Jeonju has a vibrant historic district and a fantastic food scene.
We spent 2 days 1 night at this beautiful place unfortunately, I lost my passport here too.

Jeonju Hanok Village.

Jeonju Hanok Village.

Jeonju Hanok Village.

The famous bibimbap (mixed rice), it is one of the signature dishes in Jeonju. The rice topped with varieties of vegetables, soy paste and a raw egg. Mixed everything together and enjoy the meal.

As usual, Korean dishes will definitely comes with other side dishes and for the bibimbap we ordered, it comes with a bowl of taugeh soup too.

Many friends told me, must try the choco pie in Jeonju. PNB is the brand to look for it. The choco pie is quite expensive, but we bought 3 boxes (10 each) for our family and friends.


Back in Busan again.
Weather in Busan was even more windy and colder compared to Seoul.

At the metro station.
Exit 3 or 5 to Gwangalli Beach.

The signature Gwangandaegyo bridge (diamond bridge)

Go budget! We bought these food & drinks at the convenient shop which we used to go on our first visit to Busan. Thanks ajumma for the kimchi, she's so friendly. Angel in-us coffee in the bottle was overly sweet!

Windy morning in Busan, take away a cup of coffee first.

Cute isn't it?

Night at Busan was even colder during spring.

A very very big bookstore founded in Shinsegae Shopping Mall.
So beautiful right, there's even reading tables. How thoughtful.

Guess what? One of my activity to do in South Korea is to watch a movie in their cinema. We watched Zootopia in CGV cinema, it was in English speaking with Korean subtitles.

Our popcorn set included a HUGE caramel popcorn, nachos and 2 drinks.

One of the food not to be missed in Busan - the pork soup rice that warm our tummy.

Fresh and big strawberry selling at KRW3,000 only!! That's really CHEAP!

Enjoying the street food.

This is the stall to look for my favourite fish cake, each KRW500 (RM1.70) only.

We visited "Check-in Busan" Cafe, open by a married Korean-Taiwanese couple. This cafe is so cozy and quiet, it is definitely a good place to write postcard or for reading. At here, you can actually pre-write the postcard and to post it out few years later (up to 5 years if I didn't remember wrongly).

Our brunch at Check in Busan Cafe, simple yet contented.
The fish cake soup taste really good.

Postcard writing time.

I spent 3 hours at Check-In Busan Cafe, to write my best wishes from Korea to post to my friends, and to myself too.

There were cherry blossom in Busan too but not as much as in Seoul because it was raining heavily the week before we depart to Seoul. These beautiful petals were founded in Dalmaji-gil Road, a nice place for morning or evening walk.

Not forgetting to enjoy the seasonal drinks at Starbucks - the cherry blossom coffee topped with white chocolate flakes.

Scrumptious breakfast prepared by our friends at home and we bought that strawberries.

BBQ dinner.

The mashed potato with egg was superb!!

Bingsu after meal.
The mango bingsu and peanut + red bean bingsu.

 X X X X

Traveling will be even more contented and fun with the friends around. We are really happy to meet with them again and thanks for the awesome meal too. Till we meet again, hopefully... soon? hehe

Thanks for the memories.

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  1. 我拉着你这篇文时,丫丫在一边惊喜地说了“Zootopia”,哈哈哈!!在异国体验电影院确实是个不错的行程,我也在香港和曼谷看过电影,挺有趣的体验。求婚之旅好sweet啊!!可以想象你当下又惊又喜的复杂情绪,勾起了我好多好多回忆啊!!接着下就期待你筹备婚礼的分享咯~虽然我不怎么爱绿茶,但那个绿茶吐司酱还真的成功引起我的兴趣!!

    1. 哈哈! Zootopia,大人小孩都喜欢。我也喜欢那有动力的音乐,故事情节也不错看。希望有时间分享筹备婚礼的一切。嘻!


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