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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Where is your usual place for grocery shopping? Me? Jaya Grocer will be the place because it is located right at my work place. and yeapp,, I work in a shopping mall. *grin* 

Anyway, today I'm not sharing about Jaya Grocer. Have you heard about Wmart in Chan Sow Lin? I knew about it from a blogger - Estica who shared in her blog. I was attracted by the frozen blueberries which selling at really cheap (reasonable) price in Wmart and so, here I am.

Wmart is located at the industrial area of Chan Sow Lin, nearby Nissan Show Room. You might miss the building if you didn't keep an eye looking for it as it is located among the industry factories. On the side note, there's a malay stall located right opposite of Wmart, try their famous bakso / nasi lemak before your grocery shopping.

We reached at 10am and the mart was quite crowded. As you can see from the photo above, left side is actually a wholesale counters for papers (yes, they are selling tons of papers) and upon entering the shop, there's a cafe which selling breads and tarts, all are fresh from the oven. 

Blueberry cheese tart, fresh from the oven. Ok, we will have this later, we should do our grocery shopping first.

The size of the Wmart is relatively small compared to other supermarket but it is compact with variety of goods ranging from the fruits, vegetables, seafood, dry food to household items.

This one got my attention. Chia Seed selling at RM45 only, that's really really really CHEAP. This is definitely one of the best buy at Wmart.

Steak at your own choice.

Fresh salmon.
I bought the salmon fish head for RM5 only and so, I quickly grabbed 2 packs (to cook soup).

Vegetables are nicely packed and looks fresh.

Price for the vegetable is reasonable, but some might be slightly expensive compare to other supermarket.

The fruits section, all the fruits are well-packed and looks fresh too.

How about getting some cheese? The melon & mango cheese looks tempting ya. Of course, there are other type of cheese too. Go and look for it.

A big bucket of yoghurt, I think that's cheap. RM30 for 2kgs of yoghurt, what say you?

Wmart is kind enough to share the recipe too. So, you can buy the ingredients and do it at home.

HUGE turkey drumstick. You can get the fried turkey drumstick at the bakery counter if you do not want to buy the raw one.

Huge & fresh scallop.


This is the one I'm looking for - the frozen blueberries at RM22.96 only for 1kg. I bought it to make detox drinks and to add into my oat. Hmmm.. how bout blueberries jam?

Here are some of the dry food, beetroot fettucini and spinach basil linguine.

Some of the goods come in big packet too.

Here are our shopping haul, we feel so contented and satisfied with our purchased.

What's next? Let's have a cup of coffee and blueberries tart first before we leave the mart.

The cafe is located at one of the corner in the mart, it is well-equipped with coffee machine, coffee beans, variety of breads & tarts, fruit juices and fried turkey drumstick.

Here are the bread, fresh from the oven. Most of the breads will be sold out in a mere moment right after the staff placed in the display counter.

Here's the huge turkey, RM10 per pc.

Pure orange juice and other juices as well.

The blueberries cheese tarts.

The generous amount of cheese and blueberries, taste really good.

We enjoyed the tart with a cuppa coffee @ RM8.

Jalan Dua, Chan Sow Lin, 
55200 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. How are the cheese tarts? Are they best taken hot or cold?

    1. it was not warm. Just room temperature. You may heat it up with microwave if needed. but i think it is just nice to eat like that as the cheese is niceeee


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