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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I remember, the first time I take collagen was in mid 20s and Kinohimitsu is the brand I've try. The collagen was in liquid form, in a glass bottle, taste really good and easy to drink. The result was really good after I consume the collagen for 2 weeks, it gives me a glowing and radiant skin. But due to the high cost of the collagen, I stop consuming.

Anyway, from time to time, I still trying different brands of collagen especially I'm in early 30s now, I think I will need collagen to boost my health, for instance to improves skin, to repair joint, detox and to reduces cellulite.

I've try the collagen in liquid and powder form, and now, I'm consuming the collagen pills - BHK's 2nd Gens Collagen originally from Taiwan and I got to know about this from HaWooo.com.

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BHK's 2nd gens Collagen

All cells in the body are programmed to stop producing at some point. They have expiration dates just like a female’s reproductive capability. A female’s fertility peaks in her teens up to the age of 25 and after that it gradually declines. It happens to be that our collagen producing machinery also starts to drop by 1% each year after we hit mid 20s!

The earlier we start consuming collagen, the results might be better. I'm one of the life example, the results were really visible when I start drinking collagen in my mid 20s but the results will be slow down when I consuming collagen now (in my 30s) because the absorption already slow down. For example, it will takes 1 week to see the result in my mid 20s and yet, it takes 2 weeks or more for the result when I'm in 30s.

Here's the BHK's 2nd Gens Collagen (60 pills per bottle).
I got my collagen from this link  - CLICK HERE.

But before that...

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together. It is found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons, where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure, (source)

Collagen is the main structural protein found in the skin, the hair, the nails. Collagen even forms the connective tissues that anchor the teeth to your gums. (source)

Yes, there's collagen in our body. Normally, when we go for facial, the beautician will do a skin-scanning on our face and telling us our collagen on our face is getting lesser which causing the shape of the collagen is not visible anymore. So, to show us the actual shape of the collagen, they will do a skin-scanning on our hand to show us the shape. Collagen is in triangle form.

Based on the chart above, the collagen in our body will lose slowly starting from 25 years old and hence, we will need to take collagen supplement to recover the collagen that had lose. 

Before I start consuming this collagen pill, first, I will study the ingredients of the pills and also, to read review from others to ensure this product is safe to consume. Besides that, there are many Taiwanese and Malaysian bloggers are taking this collagen too thus I decided to give it a try.

Main ingredients in each collagen pill in BHK's 2nd gens collagen:
  1. Fish collagen
  2. Chicken cartilage extract (containing hyaluronic acid) 
  3. Vitamin C
Information on the packaging: name of the product, ingredients, capacity, instruction, and others. It is all written in Chinese, so, it would be best to get a friend to translate for you if you can't read.

This BHK's 2nd gens collagen is a upgraded version of collagen contains top cosmetic ingredients - hyaluronic acid which provides x3 more absorption. This product is recommended for ladies 25 years old and above who often staying in air-conditioned room or expose under the sun. As stated in the website, it is edible during pregnancy and breastfeed but I would suggest to get consent from your doctor first.

The collagen is best to consume within 3 years and the expiry date will be printed under the bottle, mine will be expired in 17th April 2019.

Instruction: Take 2 tablets after meal daily, normally I will take 2 pills before I sleep.

Size of the bottle is handy and small, so it is easier to put in the bag and bring it with you.

So, I think this is the most important thing you would like to know - the result after I have taken BHK's 2nd gens collagen for 2 weeks. I did not take any before and after pictures because the differences hardly see from the pictures. 

After consuming BHK's 2nd gens collagen for 2 weeks, these are the differences and effects:
  1. Easier to apply make up
  2. Acne marks and redness reduce quickly

These are the 2 visible results on me for now, of course, result might vary depending on your body or skin conditions. Besides that, collagen is not elixir, we will need to continue taking the collagen to see a even more visible results.

I hope this article will give you a clearer idea about collagen and also on BHK's 2nd Gens Collagen.

To purchase BHK's 2nd gens collagen, check out HaWooo.com website.
Current selling price is RM 93.90 (normal price: RM 157.50).

Disclaimer: All the before and after is based on my personal experiences. The result might vary depending on your body or skin conditions.

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  1. Yea, collagen is really important, especially for us ladies ;)

    I am taking BHK product too, will share about it next week ;)


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