[Busan 2016] Check in Busan Cafe - A place for food & drinks and postcard too!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

This cafe has been in my list for some time and I can finally pay a visit when I decided to travel to Busan again this spring. It is not the food nor coffee that attracts me, but the POSTCARD! Alright, what is so great about postcard since postcard easily can be found in souvenir shops or bookstore? If you are person who likes to write and send postcard to family & friends or even send to yourself when you travel, this might be a place that you will like too. I'm sure!

Check in Busan is the name of the cafe which owned by a lovely married couple - Jennifer and Sean. Jennifer is a sweet lady from Taiwan who married to oppa, Sean. Since then, they open this cafe in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea.

This is a place for food and drinks where you will have the chance to try some Korean dishes, it is also a place to get souvenirs such as postcard, mugs, water bottle and many more. Besides that, they also go the extra mile by providing useful information to the tourist and a place for postcard.

At here, you can buy and write the postcard, they will send on behalf. Furthermore, you may write and send the postcard in the future, up to 5 years. For example, you write a postcard to yourself, you may choose to post it now or 4 years later. Jennifer and Sean will post the postcard 4 years later if you've chosen the latter option. Interesting isn't it?

Check in Busan provides cosy and comfortable environment which allow me to enjoy my private time for one whole day. I’ve always loved the simple, light-filled quality of spaces with wooden furnishings, this type of interior design much more to my liking and believe or not, I've spent 3 hours here. Most importantly, the cafe is quiet and you will definitely enjoy your me-time here, because I do.

It is definitely a spacious cafe with plenty of seating.

Check in Busan
Check in Busan - the world map and magnet.
Check in Busan
Check in Busan
Check in Busan
Check in Busan
Don't you like the natural lighting? We decided to sit by the window, from here we can enjoy seeing the people on the street.

The wall beside the washroom.

Here's the counter to order food and also the information counter (on the right).
Let's check out the menu.

I've been following their Facebook page for quite some time, and I realized, they will change the menu or to add on some delicious dishes from time to time which give patrons variety of choices.

When I visited Check in Busan in April this year, they are serving 4 types of brunch set menu from 8am - 1pm. Set A & B is fresh toast and Set C & D is fishcake soup and bibimbap set (vegetarian).

Green Tea Latte

I ordered set C, the fishcake soup set at KRW 8,800. The set meal comes with variety of banchan (side dishes) - lotus root, kimchi, salad, and fruits. Fishcake soup is a simple dishes but it keeps us warm especially during this windy day in Busan. YUMMY.

Time to spend some quality time by writing postcard to myself and also to friends after meal.

Here's the shelf to look for your favourite postcard, also, the water bottles are for sell too.

These are few of my favourite postcard.
Most of the beautiful photo taken by Sean and they printed in postcard form.

Beautiful hangul postcard which is one of my favourite. Few years ago, I've falling in love with Korea, I start to learn Korean and of course, I watch a lot of K-Drama too. I found the hangul (Korean alphabet) is so beautiful.

Once you've chosen the postcard, you will need to get the stamp as well from the counter. Pay first and only you can start writing.

These are the amount of postcard I've written, and all the postcard had safely posted to our friends and myself too.

Time to "post" it after done writing.

Yeah, here's the mailbox.
Place your postcard on your desire month & year to post.

A "How to send postcards to the future" notice board placed beside the wooden mailbox.

Oh ya, if you have chosen NOT to send the postcard now, you will need to indicate the date to post. Jennifer and Sean will take note.

Check in Busan
Address: 6-7 (3F), Donggwang-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Busan.

By Subway, only 2 mins away from Nampo Subway Station Exit 7,on 3F

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  1. 韩国的咖啡馆和概念餐厅都极具特色,走进去歇歇脚,看看窗外,细品一杯咖啡,这么精致慵懒的旅行时光,想到这心都飘走了!!

    1. 对呀!当我打着这篇文章时,真的很想立刻飞去。哈!

  2. Hi Yvonne!! Long time no 'see'! Hope you still remember me ;)

    Never been to Busan, but I sure miss Korea, such a lovely country!!

    1. Hey babe, of coz I remember you. Thanks for stopping by. :)
      Yea, Korea is one of my favourite country. HOpe to visit again. Hehe


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