My Blessed July 2016

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Oh my! Time flies by in the blink of an eye. We are entering August and left 5 more months to another brand new year. I thank God every day for every breath I take, cherish every moment and every person in my life. To embrace the moment of life regardless of the good, beautiful or the ugly one. 

When I was browsing hp photo gallery, I have a sudden urge to write a blog post for all the happenings in July this year. Since end of last year, me & fiance received many red booms and it seems that most of my friends (starting from mid 80s) is getting married this year. 

July is a beautiful month, I attended the 6th & 7th weddings of the year on the same weekend - Saturday and Sunday. Coincidentally, both wedding venue is nearby, at Cyberjaya & Putrajaya. 

Garden wedding at Cyberjaya Lakeside and the weather was really good. The theme was white & grey and every guest was invited to dress accordingly.

Paired my white dress with a simple black pouch which I bought from Korea, cheap deal, RM30 only.

Next day, I attended my schoolmate wedding dinner at Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya.

A woman will never go wrong with a black dress.

The pretty bride. I knew her since young and we went to the same school during primary and secondary.

With the pretty bride and my other schoolmate.

Beautiful stage backdrop at Connie's wedding.

Blessed marriage.

With the cutie pie, she is my friend's daughter. It was a night full of laughter as well, as we updated each other our current life and also many of them bringing their kids & babies along. Imagine, we knew each other since young and now everyone has grown up.

My other half at the wedding wedding.

Afternoon tea at Piano Lounge, Grand Dorsett Hotel. We bought the voucher from Groupon, RM45 for 2 pax, comes with drinks too. Great deal right? But the food wasn't delicious, pastries and even the scone was cold. Anyway, we got a private room to enjoy our afternoon tea. Not too bad after all.

Dating, to Sunway Pyramid on Raya Holiday.

The first time I try llao llao was in Singapore. Since they open the stores in Malaysia, I have yet to visit. Here's the 2nd time for llao llao, they have so many choices and it was not easy to choose. End up, I got the cheapest and simple youghurt ice cream without any toppings. Taste good!! If I didn't remember wrongly, this simple scope of ice cream cost RM4.50 but worth it.

July is the month of  celebration too, it was fiance's birthday. A dinner at Ole-Ole Bali, Indonesian food. My treat.

Simple outfit for fiance's birthday dinner.

Staycation is fun too!
My healthy breakfast at the hotel.

Finally, we make time for each other. We always meet at work for projects collaboration and this is our first time meet up on weekend. From working partner to friend, how awesome yea.

3 hours is not enough for us, next time we gotta chill longer.

Me & girlfriend private session at Yellow Bricks Road.
Chamomile tea & carrot cake.

Surprisingly, the carrot cake at this cafe is really delicious. I think this is the most delicious carrot cake I have had ever. Will be back for the carrot cake again. tee hee///

After work, chill out session with ex-colleague at Gold Bar, Tropicana.

3 of us at Gold Bar.
Great company, conversation and of course, great beer too.

Did you know? Wednesday is ladies night and the current promotion is buy 1 free 1 for a glass of wine.

3 of us finished these 8 bottles.

Our friend traveled to Malaysia and we brought him to enjoy some local dishes at Wong Ah Wah restaurant. Not forget to try the durian too. This is "Super XO" durian and selling at RM50 per kg and ours cost RM60, SO YUMMY!!

Our friend enjoyed the durian and coconut water.

Beautiful evening on one random day.

I bought this spicy instant noodle from Korea in April and finally get to try it now. The kimchi is from Korea.

Weekend activity with friends - cycling at Bukit Cahaya @ Shah Alam. It was a 2 hours tiring ride and we sweat a lot! Any how, we enjoyed the ride and company too. 

Bicycle can be rented at RM10 or RM15 per hour and RM1 for subsequent hour.

Lovely postcard from Taiwan.

My sister bought Mc D ice-cream and she posted the photo in our whatsapp group chat. End up, I got one for myself too. *GRIN*

Slowly slowly.... my tools are getting more and more.
Masking tape.. calligraphy ink and colour palette, colour brush, calligraphy nibs and oblique.. (many more). I personally think this is an expensive hobby but as long as you enjoy what you're doing, it is worthy.

Bear stamp - RM 72.60
FINETEC gold palette - RM99
Black colour brush - RM20 (ink refill can purchase separately)
Other colour brush - less than RM7 / RM8
Calligraphy ink - around RM20 if I didn't remember wrongly
Masking tape - all design at different pricing
Others - can't recall the price

I attended a calligraphy basic class last November but didn't practice for few months. Now, I'm back to calligraphy again. Calligraphy is not as hard as you thought, practice more, write more and you can create beautiful calligraphy too. This "HELLO", I practice a lot and finally, here's the one that I'm happy with.

Besides lots of practicing, I'm following many calligraphy artist in Instagram too. Try to practice the calligraphy from different artist and soon you will master the stroke, curvy and style. A;so, watch video will helps too. Last but not least, practice makes perfect!!.

"Carpe Diem, seize the day"
Yeap, the ink I'm using for calligraphy now is Winsor and Newton brand. The ink is quite good as it will dry quickly.

Next, I would like to master the colour brush calligraphy. This is harder compare to the nibs one because brush is soft and we have to control the brush nicely in order to get the beautiful calligraphy. This is my first colour brush calligraphy, worth to post it here for memory.

More practice needed..

Next project, I wanna draw and paint everything about Korea. From the snacks, food, culture to buildings.

I took one day leave to run some errands - to get a new replacement for my lost passport and to KWSP settle some stuff. I didn't knew by losing a passport, we will need to prepare so many documents. I will share about this in separate post when there's a chance.

There's this shop in PJ, Gasing area served delicious chicken rice and here we were on our off day after settled some stuff in KWSP, PJ.

Apparently, this Ipoh Kaya puff is very famous and the fiance's parents bought few boxes from Ipoh.

Back in Kuantan, family time.

Thai steamboat BBQ with the family. *burp*

Grandmother was sick and admitted to hospital few weeks ago, I was really worried but now she's recovering and we were happy she able to join us for dinner and dessert. "Grandma, stay healthy ya. I hope you will be there to witness the marriage of your granddaughter next year."

I was craving for bingsu after Thai BBQ steamboar and younger sister told me there's this new cafe nearby our house served bingsu. YAY! Here's our mango bingsu. yummmmy..

Oh, we had ice cream too.
Visit O'delia Cafe for dessert when you're in Kuantan.

My precious family.

...after Sunday service at church.

Kuantan has many delicious foods and I've yet to try them all (impossible also la). This one looks like asam laksa, but it is actually laksa (curry). Taste good with the sambal given.

Do you still remember this type of fruits stall? Most of the time, we buy fruits from supermarket or fruits shop, people hardly buy from the fruit stall by the road side. This fruit stall at Kuantan is owned by my dad's friend. Uncle is so friendly and he gave me free guava and selling the dragon fruit at cost price. How sweet.

Salted egg waffle at 90 degree cafe @ Kuantan.

Menu at 90 degree cafe @ Kuantan.

Finally found a malay stall selling delicious nasi lemak with cockles. #breakfast Now I can easily buy it before clock-in to office.

Kimchi fried rice at Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe, Courtyard SS15.
#notYUMMYatall #disappointed

Luckily the Musang King Durian Bingsu @ Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe is a BOMB! Must try.

Last Friday, I went to baby expo at Mid Valley with colleagues. Nope, I'm not pregnant la.. I was there for some market research. First time at baby expo and I found many interesting products for babies.

#random. Found this stall at Plaza Mont Kiara bazaar on every Thursday.
The mango jam is delicious but expensive, RM15 per bottle.

Weekend big breakfast with the loved one at Kaffa Cafe, TTDI.

Added another bear into my collection.This is in support of a special social change project by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. By donating RM60, we can help children who living with HIV to receive complete nutritious meals, get to pay for their treatments and regular checkups. With a RM60 contribution, I'm bringing home this cute bear too. 

[Big Head Prawn aka 大头虾]
First time forgotten to put makeup to work.. Luckily, doesn't look too bad after all. *wink*

How much are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee like this? I think I'm silly to pay for RM5 for this coz I saw most of the customers gave RM1 only!!! Anyway, interesting marketing idea. #latte

On and off, I will try different brands of collagen. This round, I will give it a try on this BHK's 2nd Gens Collagen which stated, "helps in improving skin elasticity and to provides hydration". Let's see the result after 1 month.

Sunday date with girl friends at A Toast Breakfast & Juice Bar @ Jalan Pudu.

A Toast is serving variety of sandwiches, it can be for take away to enjoy at the shop. Limited tables are available, so I would suggest to go early to avoid disappointment. Anyway, we waited 5 minutes for our table.

Sandwich from A Toast.

My sandwich from A Toast is spicy chicken floss with eggs, ham and vege in charcoal bread.

MT tape lovers will love this a lot! This is the MT exhibition in Pavilion on the last weekend of July.

These are the limited edition "Malaysia theme" tape to be collected.

I got the bear one, each of this Malaysia theme masking tape selling at RM18 per unit.

Total "damage", RM99 for 8 masking tape.

Here's the stamp for this MT exhibition in Malaysia. I bring my own drawing book and card for this special stamping.

Enjoying afternoon tea at Ben's @ Pavilion with girl friends.

Yummy chocolate banana cake from Ben's Pavilion.

Insta memory with friends.

Blessed Birthday Fen Fen.

July was a great month, it starts with beautiful wedding and end with a beautiful gathering with girl friends. #blessed

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