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Thursday, August 04, 2016

When comes to accommodation planning, there are many elements to consider, such as the pricing, location, cleanliness, facilities, rating and the host as well. I always enjoy staying at the place where the host will spare some time to hangout and chit chat with us. This is one of the best way to get to know the local and the place even more.

I visited South Korea again after one year and the price for hotel / hostel / B&B increased by at least RM50 - RM100 and causing the total price per night is even more expensive especially for the hotel in the city center.

So, to save some money for shopping later, we decided to stay at a B&B which is 20 - 30 mins drive from the city. The price per night is much cheaper compared to others and this place received many good reviews. When I first contacted the host - Jinh, he is really a friendly person and willing to assist no matter how.

The surrounding nearby the B&B.

It was spring and both side of the road was full with cherry blossom tree. So beautiful right?

Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.

ComeStay is the name, it is a newly renovated apartment with individual bedrooms located in Jamsil area, Songpa which is one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly city in Seoul. Easy access to anywhere in Seoul too, either to the city center or to airport. There's an airport bus station located not far from ComeStay, which provides convenience for travelers.

Convenient stores nearby ComeStay, within walking distance. There are also market, cafe, and garden around the neighbourhood.

The living room, so homely right?

There are 4 rooms in this apartment, namely Canada Room (CA), Thailand Room (TH), New Zealand Room (NZ) and Korea Room (KR). The name doesn't related with the room interior anyway, it is purely Jinh's favourite countries (if I didn't remember wrongly).

Living Room
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
Living Room
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
Our TH room.

The room is simple and looks clean at first glance. Each room comes with a cozy bed, pillow, blanket, power point, working desk and chair, hangers and other basic facilities. There are 2 shared bathroom and one rooftop toilet. No private bathroom in the room but doesn't matter.

Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
This apartment is manage by a beautiful married couple with 2 children. It is so sweet of Jinh & Chloe welcoming us by surprising us with a bucket of Korean snacks. Oh! There's a postcard too, with some warm welcoming notes written by them.

In the basket - instant cup noodles, chocolate pie, snacks and postcard.

"Comestay & let's get together"
This is the tagline of ComeStay.

Another lovely part of this apartment is the rooftop garden suitable for summer hangout such as Korean BBQ. Why not spring? Because I think it is too cold for me to hangout at the rooftop garden during this season.

You will feel like a local when staying in ComeStay because it is a neighbourhood area, not a commercialize location. 

Rooftop garden.

This is the staircase to rooftop garden.

Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
The kitchen is well equipped with a freezer, cooking stove , rice cooker, microwave oven, toaster, filtered hot & cold water, coffee maching and washing marching & dryer too.

Dining Room
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
The beautiful couple and host - Jinh & Chloe.

Jinh and Chloe is a good cook too, we had amazing delectable Korean meal with them, and other housemates too. 

Yummy Korean dishes.

Of course, with few bottles of beers and soju would be even better. It was a great nights (yes, few nights) where we have some good chat over the beers, it was really a good time for all of us to know each other even better. 

Our relationship is not purely host and guest only, but we are friends. A friend who will make sure you are in his good hand when you're in his place and country. We feel gratitude and really appreciate the 5-star hospitality offered by ComeStay. "We hope to see Jinh, Chloe, and your kids here in Malaysia one day."

Why ComeStay?
  1. Location
    ✓ ComeStay is located in Jamsil area, Songpa. Although this neighbourhood is slightly far from the city center, but it is a nice place to stay. Peaceful and save neighourhood.
    ✓ Only 1 subway station away from the Olympic Park. It is a beautiful park, you can explore the park by foot or rent a bicycle.
    ✓ 2 subway station away from the well-knows Lotte 123 Tower. There are departmental stores, duty-free shops, an aquarium and Lotte World amusement park.
    ✓ Less than 20 mins to Gangnam area.
    ✓ Convenient public transport to airport, a bus station - only 10 mins walk from ComeStay.
  2. The apartment has all the basic facilities, including wifi, and simple breakfast.
  3. Friendly host, you will definitely feel home at here.
  4. Han River park is only 3 minutes away by walk.
Below are the type of rooms in ComeStay.
CA Room
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
CA RoomPhoto credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
KR Room which can fits up to 4 persons.
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
NZ Room
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
TH Room
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.
TH Room
Photo credit: ComeStay by Jinh & Chloe.

This is definitely one of my best stay ever in Seoul this spring. Comestay operated for less than a year, but you will never be disappointed because Jinh is really a good host where he will offer a 5-star hospitality by providing unlimited information you needed (ask and you will get) such as the attractions, transportation etc; be the driver to fetch us from / to bus station; help us to carry our heavy luggage, wrote us a sweet & welcoming postcard upon our arrival, early check-in when the room is available and many more, words couldn't describe how awesome of Jinh & Chloe as a host.

For more review of ComeStay, you may visit his profile in Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8682206?s=eEjWZczf#host-profile

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  1. 满街樱花的画面分外浪漫啊!!用国籍来区分房名是真的很容易让人误会根据国情风格打造里头的设计啊!为入住的客户送来零食小礼包这可是好会收买人心,还未正式住下来就赢了印象分。

    1. 哈哈,对对,赢了印象分。其实还未去韩国时,我们已经在airbnb 和面子书联系了。他确实是个很棒的host,若需要他的帮忙,他一定会尽力而为。

  2. Replies
    1. me too. You may consider to stay at this airbnb when you travel to KR. :)


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