HELLO *again*
I decided to write something about myself after I have been in blogging world for 9 years. YAY! 9th Anniversary. This About Me page is a lil gift for A MOMENT LIKE THIS blog in this 9th year. Cheers for many more years to come!

Who’s the author behind A Moment Like This?
Yvonne Sam (as per the blog url).

Wanna share this because many people thought it is a short form of Samantha or my English name. Yvonne is my English name, SAM is my surname / family name / last name. SAM in Chinese written as 岑 (cén). The first respond I always get from people is "OH! That's a rare family name." So yeah, I'm kind of proud to be the SAM's family. *grin* 

Why A Moment Like This?
I not really good in naming. When I first started to blog, I always use my name or words such as secret, angel, love etc for the blog name. Many years back, I came across this song "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson and this song touched my heart. It has a meaningful lyric, thus I decided to name it "A Moment Like This". It also represent I savoring the special moment in my life that written and share in this mini space of mine.

When and how many years in blogging?
I started my first blog in Multiply, 7th of July 2006 and moved to blogspot in 2007 until today. But due to some issue, I stopped blogging in 2014, and back in action again in 2015. By the way, Multiply has been shut down by the owner thus I couldn't access to my old blog post anymore.

Why blog?
I believe most of us have the same story, when we started a blog, was just purely to express feeling, act as a online diary in this platform. We shared all the happiness, upset, angry, or whatsoever feelings on this cyberspace, so same to me. 2005, it was the year I leave my hometown and pursued my study in KL. That's when I started to blog about my new life in KL. Anyway, I stopped blogging in year 2014 due to some personal reason, and now I'm back again!

Other social media platform?
I always like to share my journey through pictures, thus follow me at instagram.
I like to get inspiration from here, and always create my own mood board at pinterest .
... and how about some random updates on my facebook page .

You are a Christian?
Yes. My grandparents (mom's side), and family are Christian.

Where are you from?
From a little town in East Coast - Kuantan, Pahang. A lovely place surrounded by beautiful beaches, just to name a few, Teluk Chempedak (TC), Cherating, Batu Hitan, and Balok.

TRAVEL!!!!!! But I couldn't afford travel so often. So, my second hobby is self-learning Korean language, blog and meet more friends at free time. Anyway, my Korean language is still at basic level, I'm learning the writing, pronunciation and reading. I hope I could master the basic one before I travel to Korea again! I might consider to create another subpage to share my Korea language. What say you? *grin*

Favourite Country?
KOREA!!!!! and...... countries in EUROPE. :)
If you like Korea & Europe too, you may check out my post here - Korea Travelogue, and Europe Travelogue.

- August 2015 -

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