Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bangkok 2013: Dessert heaven at Mr. Jones' Orphanage

Hello Saturday!!!!
Initially, I wanna share a set of travel photos of me and my bff... 
But.... when I was checking the draft column, I found this!!!! Few draft about my Bangkok trip back in 2013. Ohhhh~ How time flies. 

Since all the photos have been edited and uploaded here, so I will just continue to share with everyone although this is one of the well known dessert shops that most of you have heard about it or even visited during your trip in Bangkok.

Undoubtedly, Bangkok is a shopping heaven and also a place that will satisfy your taste bud with assorted rainbow colour of delightful cakes. Back to my Bangkok trip in 2013, I visited Mr. Jones' Orphanage at Thonglor Soi 13 after our brunch at Roast Coffee & Eatery. Both Roast and Mr. Jones' is located in the same building thus don't stuff too much good foods at Roast if you wanna try the dessert here. 

Entrance to the dessert heaven.

Once you enter Mr. Jones' Orphanage, you will be welcomed by these amazing colourful cakes.

Let's have a glimpse at the interior and exterior of Mr. Jones' Orphanage.
The interior is rather small but every space is well design. There are 2nd floor which you need to access after enter the shop, but the ceiling height is really low.

Ground floor. 
There's the staircase to 2nd floor.

Ohya! There are many bears placing all over the shop. Cute max!

Paper flying kites hang on the ceiling and that's the 2nd floor as you can see from this picture.

Plates and cups.

Exterior of Mr. Jones' Orphanage with the NEW menu blackboard.

The weather was really hot so we prefer to enjoy our dessert inside.

That's me in 2013!! HA! :)
My hair is much shorter now. #shoulderlength

We ordered a cup of drinks and 2 desserts although we just had our brunch at Roast earlier. All the desserts here looks so nice that we couldn't resist to try all of them.

Our favourite - latte.

Banana crepe.
The crepe is soft and served fresh from oven! So yummy to pair with banana and vanilla ice-cream.

Choco pie, serve with one scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
Ok, another heavenly dessert. The perfect combo of hot and cold!

We were stuffed!!!

Here's the bill, ฿501 (Thai Baht).

Yup, is quite expensive but that's only once in a blue moon. So, don't care lar.. *wink*

The bear that sat beside me.

I'm suppose to travel to Bangkok last 2 weeks, but my friend ffk last minute.
I decide to travel alone but there are many objection (due to safety). So, forget about it.

Mr. Jones' Orphanage @ Thonglor Soi 13
1/F Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13
Bangkok, Thailand

p/s: There are few outlets in Bangkok, you may google for the addresses.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

BEWARE of SCAMS *real story based on my own experience*

I never thought that this will ever happen to me, I can't believe it!

This is the first time I was threaten by someone. The whole plan was a scam actually and I think this is a serious case, it might happen to you or anyone else. Thus, I decide to blog about it so you will be aware especially for those who are doing e-commerce / online selling. 

p/s: Don't worry, I'm safe.
p/p/s: This is a real story based on my own experience.

So, this is how the story begin. I want to sell my Nikon D90 DSLR and thus I posted the above picture and information on a few website and forum such as free trade zone, lelong, and others. When I got an email notification from informing me that my post has been published, I received a whatsapp message from a weird number immediately who is asking about my camera, Nikon D90.

+234 903 769 6297 (number from Nigeria)
That's the number. I feel skeptical but I still continue texting with her.

I guess is a lady (or maybe nope) who is from US.
After I told her the availability of my camera, she told me that she's interested to buy it. Without any hesitation, she even offer a price for the shipping cost from Malaysia to US via Pos Laju service.

I told her that I have to check the postage fee first because I didn't post any parcel to US before, and she told me NO NEED to check because this is not her first time buying items from Malaysia. She even sent a few pictures to prove to me that she bought items from Malaysia previously and received via Pos Laju.

Scroll down slowly for the full conversation between me and her.

These are all the pictures she sent to me, to prove that she bought the items (camera) from Malaysia previously.

She told me to include a RM250 to the total cost, or may add RM300 which is for me to buy a box to place the camera + accessories into it. RM50 for a box??!!!?? 
I can just get a recycle box from the cleaning aunty in my office. FOC!

After that, she were asking what's the bank that I'm using? Maybank or CIMB? 
Wah!!!! So terror... she even know the banks in Malaysia.

She were rushing to make payment after requested my banking details (name and account number), and email address. And urged me to send the parcel to her first thing on next morning.

She told me that she will forward my banking details to her bank, and her bank will send a confirmation email to me when the payment has been made. While waiting for the transaction to be done, she telling me that she's buying this camera for her dad. A PRESENT FOR HER DAD. *you will know why I need to highlight and bold the sentence later*

Few minutes later, I received an email from the "bank" named CREDIT EUROPE BANK. There's information of my name, total amount paid by the buyer, bank account and number (which I provided earlier). It stated that the money is ready to be transfered into my Maybank account. But the weird information written in the email is I MUST SHIP the item immediately and reply the bank with a scanned copy of the shipment receipt, to enable them to credited the money into my account. Failure who do so will result in Legal Action.

That's weird right? If I have post my camera, and reply the "bank" with a scanned copy of shipment receipt and yet the "bank" don't wanna credit the money into my bank. What will happen? My camera will be gone *forever* and I won't receive a single cent. 

Here's the email I received from the "bank" - CREDIT EUROPE BANK.

After I read the email, I re-confirm with the lady again that the money will be credited only IF I email the scanned shipment receipt to the bank? And she started being rude to me by saying "what the hell.....". I bet her English is not that good after all because she doesn't seems to understand my question and keep asking what do I mean.

So, to make my life easier, I told her that I will send the parcel to her tomorrow morning. Once again, she teach me how to pack the camera into the box. -.-""" swt.  

Next morning, she started spamming my whatsapp with tons of messages and being rude again. Warned me that I will die, or go to jail because I didn't send the parcel to her yet the money has been deducted from her account.

She didn't contact me at all after her last message and I didn't even bother to reply or continue to chat with her. The reason I told her that I posted the parcel because I wanna see how would she act after I told her that the money is not credited to my account. 

The story about this lady has come to the end for now but the scam doesn't stop at here! I received a message from this guy name Kelvin Chong <>. He says that he's currently based in UK with family, and wanna buy the camera as a birthday gift for his grandson who is currently working in UAE. 

There's another email after Kelvin Chong, it is from a guy name Azrul Ahmad <>. He sms and request me to send an email to him. Below is our conversation. You will see the similarity in both email of Kelvin and Azrul.

These are the sms(s) I received. For the B, I know is from the same group maybe, thus I reply a message directly (without emailing as per his request). Yet, there's no reply after that. 

Check out their phone number, it is a Malaysia number. Scary right?? These people will try their best to make you fully trust that this is from a real and sincere buyer from the same country (Malaysia).

Yet there's another lady whatsapp me today which has the same country code from the first lady who approached me. +234 (Nigeria)

So, ya.. that's all for the long story. If you have read through all the messages and email, there are so many similarity in this scam action. Firstly, they will tell you that they wanna buy it as a gift (to someone). Secondly, require your details (name, bank account number and name). Thirdly, they will mention the goods is urgently needed and need to post it ASAP! They will keep rushing you, so you won't have extra time to think about it. 

All the above is not happen in a day. It is actually a whole process planned by them (I believe so) because these people contacted me after one and another.

The first lady who approached me by telling me that the bank had deducted her money from her account is a scam as well, my bf found an article which telling the same incident. I google and found out that many people got hooked on this scam. I visited Credit Europe Bank and below is the message from them on the false e-mails that is circulating around the world now. They NEVER provide any service on exchange of goods, does not provide guarantees or any operations concerning online payments. 

So, we have to really be alert at all times.
It would be great if we do Cash On Delivery (COD) or to sell the products on a secure platform such as lelong or ebay. I wouldn't suggest my friend to post any "for sale" ad on because this site easily attract all the scam.

Finally! Such a long post!!!
I take time to screen shot all the messages, emails and google for more info so that my friends will be alert on this matter and not to be the next victim.  Take care. :)